First Sunday of Lent:

Most are trying to cut back on some unhealthy vice or refrain from certain foods but there is other consideration.  I would like you to think about these items too!

 Our efforts should be to eliminate self indulgencies.

1.     Self discipline

2.    Self restraints  

3.    Self denial

These will improve your capacity to be more receptive to the leadings of the Lord.

“Do not ask what God can do for you, but ask what you can do for God”.

Many people like to think of God as a “Genie “in a bottle.  All they need to do is rub it and their He appears at their beckoning request to give them whatever they desire.  It would be great if that concept was really the true, but you and I both know that ain’t happening. 

We all ought to be glad that God is not that limited and the number of our requests are not that short and limited to three.  We all would be left wanting; if we only got three times to rub on the jar and only three requests that could be made.

This fable is a narrow effort to suggest how to get a breakthrough and blessings.   But I have a better and proven method to enhancing your spiritual enrichment and material success.  It’s to “STEAL AWAY WITH JESUS”.



Here is a news bulletin that is hot from the throne room.

All spiritual travelers and citizens of the world need to take cover after hearing this brief.

We are in a warfare that is without bullets, bombs and explosives but the damage it is doing is collateral and affecting all of mankind.  Maybe it is a prelude to the greatest battle ever to be fought, which is recorded in the bible as the Armageddon. 

The war that I am referring to is being wage on every front whether it is medical, psychological, economical or spiritual and its causalities’ are innumerable and continue to be mounting.  It is a war being rage by Lucifer the arch enemy of God for the down fall of all creation. 

The artillery he is using and prefers is proving to be more successful than anything ever known to man.  It is creatively crafted propaganda.  The devil propaganda is so finely tuned and his rhetoric is hypnotic as it is continually repeated by his imps across the world.  It is a steady drum beat that is luring us to sleep.  Half true’s and false allegations that attempts to place a shadow of doubt on God’s word.

The devil’s main object is to dull our mind to the higher truths and the laws of God and that of human nature.  He will tell you that the body God made is not wonderfully and marvelously made and that it is flaunted.  But he can make it better performing by the use of his substances. 

He says that your body cannot heal itself without his interventions. 

But in many cases with the proper care of yourself your condition would vanish away. 

His propaganda say’s to the masses what was stated as far as 776 BC with the Olympics that programmed people in thinking that they needed to run faster, jump higher or be stronger if they expected to compete or be great and hailed as hero’s or superstars. 

I believe a hero can be found in the class room and at the commencement ceremonies each year.  Those that are rehabilitated from crime and substance abuse to become successfully integrated back into society.  I believe what the devil don’t want the world to know that the church is winning the battle for souls and that each and every day more and more people are seeking God and allowing Him to turn their life around. I still believe that it is not the strongest and fastest that will win the race but the ones that with stay in the race until they can see Gods face.  So it really is they that endure until the end that are counted in God sight as the real hero’s and shero’s.

What the devil is propagating a new message today, which we see on nearly every campaign is that it must be bigger, longer, larger and harder than ever.  But he also assures you He alone can give you this supremacy and your sexuality with be superior.  

I believe Satan is again using subtle references that are tripping up even the every elect of Gods people. 

I believe it should be stated here today and you can interpret it in your own way.  First, bigger is not always better.  You can have a bigger dog in the fight but is doesn’t mean your dog is gone to win. Whether we are talking about the size of a church or personal characteristics.  Whether it is longer or larger is insignificant.  We can have a smaller  budget and can get more done than they with larger and longer monies.

It is all about what you done with what you got.  As the later gospel singing great would say “You just got to use what you got”.   

The devil has propagated that it is alright (it is your choice) to go against human nature and that it your God given right to be Gay, Lesbian or have a alternative lifestyle counter to that what God ordain for mankind.  The enemy has created an unquenchable thirst for fame and riches and is infecting this deadly serum of gain and greed into the veins and life blood of our economic system.  The results of that cause it to care little about its workers, products or services.   I am calling today for the consumer to beware. 

Beware of deadly paint in children toys to useless pills given to the sick.  Beware you drive at your own risk automobiles and eat foods that are altered.  The devil is attacking every aspect of man’s existences.  He is giving the world the blues.

There are three primary sources that sustain all life, which are food, water and shelter.  

The enemy of God as brought destruction in the construction of prefab homes to the mobile houses industry.  From manufacturing of new homes to the building of RV’s it is evident a major recession is already underway. 

Many areas around the world have already felt Satan’s demonic influence on the water supply, which is one of main sources for life.  Some countries are rationing the water supply and we here is the USA we saw what occurred down south last summer with the drought.

Do you recall on Nov. 23, 2007 when Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia went on national television to call for prayer that God would sent down rain.  That they could have a rainy night in Georgia.  Well God certainly did honor their prayers from the state house.

Furthermore, there has been a need for rain dating back in the 50’s when the first cloud seeding experiments took place.  This is a process of exploding dry ice and chemical inside clouds to force them to give us rain.  China currently is using this technique to rid itself of the smog and air pollutant before the 2008 Olympics.  

Maybe you are not aware of what the greatest investments are being made in today.  Simply check out the ultra-wealthy purchases of entire plain lands or waste lands throughout the southwest.  It is all about the water. It used to about the Benjamin, but now it is all about the water.

He that controls the water controls the world.  Ask any warlord or scientist they will all agree on the fact that our water supply is shrinking. 

So let me sum up this subject matter:

There is a spiritual war going on and you and I are under attack, but unfortunately many people are not aware of this because of Satan’s propaganda that disarms us.  Therefore don’t know what to do and we are relying on someone else to do for us what we won’t do for ourselves.

 We are found wanting.  Is there no balm in Gilead?  Is there no healing suave?  Is there no redeem.

Does my savior live and will He arise to fight my battles.

Someone to protect us; and to shield us, and to fight our battle for us.  Who will it be?  I’m glad you asked me.  

Those of us that are believers in Christ know that this is a Spiritual warfare and that it is being levied on all fronts, but we also know that we a safe from the enemies attacks if we have the right knowledge. 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6