I would like to tell my version of “A Famous Fishy Story” with special emphasis placed on “BROKEN PROMISES”.


The reason behind this story you are about to hear is that Jesus told Peter and Andrew his brother to Follow Him, and He would make them fishers of men.

Jesus tells us the same thing today in His great commission for us to go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature.


Jesus recognized the fish of the sea are much like people on the land.  They live in families called spools or pods.  And in many cases they act just like church folks. 


Take for instance the SQUID.  The SQUID carries around their own personal slant on life and will spray you with confusion and controversy to cloud your thinking; and if you are not careful they will spray their garbage of juicy gossips and poisonous lies on you. You probably have seen SQUIDS in church passing around secretive and condemning notes, which causes others to lose sight of the word of God, while watching them.  No matter how hard you try to get your breakthrough the SQUIDS spray clings to you.  

You’ll find yourself carrying around their garbage of gossip and lies and to spray other unsuspecting Christian.   

Stay away from the SQUID type church folks.


Then there is the OCTIPUS.  The OCTIPUS is a type of church folk that can entangle you in so much mess without you even knowing you are being tangled up.  They hide their many arms that are always reaching to capture the innocence.   These are those folks that always in some mess.  And as soon as you go to help an OCTIOUS with a small thing, the next thing you know you have been wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up with the OCTIPUS’ mess.    

If you ever get caught by an OCTIPUS it’s ain’t easy getting lose; you are just about doomed, because it has too many ways to hold you down. 

Leave the OCTIPUS type church folks alone.


Now we can’t leave the SHARK, out of our discussion, either .  The SHARK is likening to church folk; that common sense tells,you know you better not fool with at all.  They are still full of the devil and will cut you every which way but loose.  Please my family of God; don’t align yourself with a SHARK.  They are razor sharp when it comes to thinking of ways to undercut your dreams and plans.

You see, the SHARK is not called “JAWS” in the movie theater for nothing.  A SHARK will rip your character to piece because they can’t zip their JAWS. 

Do you know church folks that act like a SHARK?  If you don’t I can tell you of a few I know. 


A SHARK is also known as a Scam artist, because they are smarter than most church folks and are always on their “A”game.  They are all about the hustle.  Please folks,stay clear of the SHARK. 


Then there is the CLAM.  I really do like CLAMS, but you can’t get a CLAM to open its mouth and say anything when the time comes.  All they want to do is come around and do nothing.  When the CLAM comes to church it CLAMS up and won’t say a mumbling word.  Won’t sing, won’t lift a praise to God; just won’t do nothing.  But when that CLAM is at home will talk until they get tired.  In other words they can’t keep their mouth shut.  Are you acquainted with any CLAMS type church folks?    


The saddest heart breaking thing about this type church folk is that you know there is something special on the inside; a Pearl of great prize; their gift waiting to arise.  But they are as tight as a drum.  That is why they are called a CLAM.  Listen folks, it’s alright to help a CLAM type church folk, because you just might help them discover their spiritual gift.


And finally there are the Cluster type church folk.  The Cluster type is just what it says; all they want to do is hang around in a Cluster and form clicks. 

The CLUSTER church folks don’t want any outsiders to be involved in their secret clicks.  They are great at pretending they are part of the whole group, but they are a group within a group. 

You really have to watch out for the CLUSTER type of religious folks, because they believe it is their way or highway; they believe their good is better than the overall good of the majority.

Listen folks, please stay away from the CLUSTER.


 Remember there is no Luster being involved in a Cluster.



Now that I have given you a idea about church folk that display behavior like  fish I would like to tell you my “FAMOUS FISHY STORY”


  I hope you can learn a valuable lesson today from Herbie.

Herbie is the “only” Fish of the sea that closely resembles man.  He is a mammal and warm blooded.  He has a universally appeal and symbolizes freedom, joy, grace and serenity.  Herbie uplifts the spirits of people all around the world and children love him worldwide. 

And as a matter of fact, Herbie has a built in echo locator, which is his own sonar system and as a result has taught man how to invent the radar and the GPS map quest found in cars are a product of Herbies.  How do you like my friend Herbie now?

Jesus, Herbie and I would like you to watch out for “THE BROKEN PROMISES”.  Falling prey to the lures of shadowy promises will disappoint you.

Many times in life we become partakers of what we think is something good, and we throw ourselves into it with all our mind, body and spirit.  We think attaining these looming lures of promises will greatly enhance our concept of who we are or want to become. 

These lures could be your quest for status symbols or a unhealthy appetite for riches, fame and affluence; many people are lured and entrapped, because they look for love in all the wrong places and all the wrong people and for all the wrong reasons, which brings emotional pain and scares; or people are lured by drugs or steroids to enhance their mood or physical abilities; lures are also visible outside yourself like the lures of this political election.  There also are a growing number of people being lured by tabloid icons that add no value to their lives.    

  As you can see, the lures of life are many and represent images and powers that captivate our attention away from the spiritual things of God. 

In other words our focus and hopes are placed on things that seem to be admirable, but are fragile, that seems to be profitable, but are unprofitable and that seems to be stable, but vanish and leave us bewildered and feeling betrayed. 

Listen, my friends, when we are indecisive between courses of action in our lives God has designed inside each of us a still small voice; to send impulses of unction to keep us on course.  It walks with us and talks to us along our merry way.    So when you are lured, if you will listen carefully you will be are warned, to avoid the bait of the“PROMISES BREAKER”.   

The bottom line is simply this, if you listen carefully to me today, I believe you will hear the still small voice of the “PROMISE KEEPER”.  Anybody know who He is?

Now check this out, Satan heard what Jesus said to His Disciples that “He would make them fishers of men.” 

Satan decided, right when and there, that he would also make his imps to be fishers of men too; so his demons were trained to go fish after Godly men, women, boys and girls. 

When Jesus told his disciples, He would make them fishers of men; Jesus then sent them to catch men searching for a higher calling in their lives. I believe when men are caught up by God’s word they become changed, their entire household is changed, their neighborhood is changed, and their city and their nation are changed as well. 

How many of you know that a saved man can change the course of the world?  Jesus proved it when He brought Salvation to the world, which means you and I that are saved can also be world changers too! 

But the devil lures us to bite on his bait, first. 

Somebody ought to shout, “Don’t bite the bait, don’t bite on the devils bait “.

 How many of you in here think Satan has a heart?  If you say yes; then let me ask you, what does he have a heart to do?  Hello somebody.  To steal, kill and destroy.  Satan has a heart of hate.  He hates you. 

As you know the devil can disguise that which is bad to look good; the bible says, Satan comes as a lamb in sheep clothing, but inwardly he is a ravaging wolf.

My brothers and sisters, God wants us to give thought and mentally weigh those things targeted at us each day by others; and especially through media outlets; so we won’t be gullible and bite on everything sent our way. 

But listen, if you are lured away and happen to bite on Satan’s bait; pray for forgiveness and ask God for faith and that overcoming power.  You apply the Lord’s Prayer. And God applies the Grace and Mercy.

  Now listen here is what Satan does to catch God’s people; let’s follow Herbie.  Satan places a pretty bobbin on line and dangles it in the water of life seeking to lure and catch the Godly.

Our friend, Herbie sees it and is dazzles by its promise of something good. 

Satan’s sharp hook is camouflaged so Herbie is not aware of the danger that lies wrapped in the baited.  It is what Herbie has been hunting for all daylong and now it is here. 

My friends, Satan knew what Herbie liked; and he knows what you and I like too! and knows how we like it.  Amen.

Without using spiritual discernment, our friend Herbie prepares himself for the bite.  He approaches the lure with the utmost care. 

Somebody ought to say, “Don’t bite Herbie; don’t bite, don’t bite Herbie.  But finally when the time is right he strikes; and he bites. 

But he knows something is wrong; He wrestles and struggles, flips and flops, but cannot free himself from what has occurred.  He can’t believe it. No, this can’t be true.  He realizes that he has been lured.  What he hoped for; what he longed for had fooled him.

My next big question for you today; is Herbie alone?  NO; because we all have been lured by Satan, because of our own lusts and drawn away from Gods plan for our lives? 

Remember, Satan is the master of deception.  Folks, Satan can’t deliver on any promises that he shows us.  He only has “BROKEN PROMISES”, THEREFORE  A “PROMISE BREAKER”.

 “Herbie” got lured and hooked by Satan.

Herbie asks himself how could this happen?  How could God let this happen to him?  Help. Help.  Help he cries out for the finally time.  He struggles but his strength is no match for Satan on the other end. 

But wait; wait a minute, hold on here, who is this, said Herbie;

There was someone observing the whole misfortune of “Herbie” and is coming to his rescue.  Who is this that would risk their life for foolish little Herbie? 

None other than the “Master of the Sea” heard his despairing cry and from the waters lifted him and saved his life.  It’s Jesus who would see the plight of Herbie and who would respond with the utmost urgency to come to the rescue. 

And my friends, Jesus will come to rescue you in your hour of desperation and need;  In loving kindness Jesus came; Herbies soul to reclaim; from the depths of sin and shame.  Jesus came.

Jesus has come to place himself in the place of Herbie and to set him free from the hook of Satan.  Jesus comforted and heals Herbies wounds and told him to watch out for those “BROKEN PROMISES OF THE PROMISE BREAKER“.

 Now Jesus places himself on the hook, to be snagged and torn to bits by Lucifer the fisher of Godly men.

Herbie is now set free to rejoice and tell others about his narrow escape; and to teach mankind the spiritual lesson he learned.   

Jesus has a fierce struggle with Satan.  Satan shouts with hatred it’s bigger than anything I have ever seen, and more priceless that any catch I have ever caught.  With might Satan tries to pull in his catch.  He calls for his imps’ to come and help.  He shouts again that I have got the biggest catch of all creation; but I can’t bring it to shore.  Finally, with all the imps helping he drags his big catch to land, but it appears to be dead.  He stands over it with an air of supremacy. 

With sadness Herbie is observes all of this from a distance wondering what will happen next. 

All of a sudden the lifeless catch on the end of hook begins to move and come alive and stands to his feet.  Satan steps back in total disbelief and shouted to his demons to do something, but they had fled. 

The bible says, resist the devil and he will flee.

With fear and trembling, Satan shouts for his witches and warlocks to come to his aid, but to no avail as he cried louder and louder.  But no help would come. 

Jesus stood up and told Satan, that He had come to set the captives free; and that means you and me.  Jesus commanded Satan “get thee behind me” and he was gone, just that quick.

Satan has no power over the “Master of the Sea” or the “Master of the Land”. 

At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess; that He is Lord.  He is Lord of Lord and King of Kings.  He is Lord over Life and King over death.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Little Herbie, our friend, is a Dolphin of the Sea.  And seeing Jesus he swam and jumped with jubilee.

So the next time you go to sea world don’t be afraid to pat Herbie on the head,  for a lesson well learned.


The moral to the “FAMOUS FISHY STORY” is plain and simply;

1.      Satan is a “PROMISES BREAKER”.  He can only offer “BROKEN PROMISES”.


2.     God is a “PROMISE KEEPER”

James 1:17.  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.


3.     God has placed within each of us a still small voice that shares with us God’s pleasures and blessings.


4.       Jesus has already snatched us from the lures and hooks of the enemy, and is in heaven making intercessions for us.



5.      We to can rescue the perishing and care for the dying, because Jesus has made us “FISHERS OF MEN”.



 IT IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3.  SIMPLY RECEIVE THE Father, Son And Holy Ghost.   


Believe God’s word about Jesus. Confess Jesus.  Be “Born” again through Jesus.


Preached by:  Rev. Sylvester Williams, Jr., March 30, 2008